Rod Bird Jr. on the Issues


Rod Bird Jr. believes it’s time to clean house and bring integrity back to Washington, D.C. Our government should work for the people, not special interests. Rod will lead the charge in:


Tackling corruption head-on by pushing for comprehensive ethics reform, increased transparency, and stricter enforcement of ethics laws, especially regarding the active trading of stocks by lawmakers. Rod is committed to ending the revolving door between Congress and lobbying by enacting a 10-year ban on lobbying after public service, ensuring elected officials work solely for the benefit of their constituents.


Recognizing that entrenched politicians and bureaucrats often prioritize their careers over the needs of the people, Rod supports introducing congressional term limits. Rod fought and passed term limits locally and will do the same in Washington. This measure will bring fresh perspectives and renewed accountability to our government.


To help regain the American people’s trust in government, Rod is determined to reduce the influence of lobbyists and special interests on policy making. He will advocate for stricter regulations on lobbying activities, especially for lobbyists representing the interests of hostile foreign nations like China, and for increased transparency in lobbying expenditures.


Rod Bird Jr. is a staunch advocate for the values that matter most to Utahns. He’ll stand up for:


As a concealed carry permit holder, a member of the Utah Shooting Sports Council, a life member of the NRA, a member of the National Association of Gun Rights, and Gun Owners of America, Rod will vigorously defend the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. He supports reciprocity for concealed carry permit holders across state lines, ensuring Americans can protect themselves and their families wherever they travel. Most importantly, Rod supports laws that would impose greater federal accountability on politicians like New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, who violate their constituents’ constitutional rights.


Rod is proudly pro-life and will work tirelessly to protect the dignity and sanctity of all human life. His commitment extends beyond the unborn to include support for adoption reform, making it easier to find loving homes for children. Rod also recognizes that the leading cause of death for adults age 18-45 is a fentanyl overdose. While supporting those impacted by the opioid crisis, he would impose harsher federal penalties on fentanyl traffickers given that fentanyl is 50-100 times more potent than morphine.


Rod believes it is wrong that the federal government controls more than 50% of the land in some states, including Utah. He recognizes that the federal government’s arbitrary control over expanding national monuments can hinder or even hold hostage local communities and their economies. He plans to reform the Antiquities Act, allowing local governments, communities, farmers, and ranchers to have a greater say in how public lands are used. This approach ensures that those who live and work on these lands have a more significant role in their preservation, management, and use. Rod supports transfer of federal land ownership to state and private control especially in states like Utah, where the federal government controls around 65% of the land. At the same time, Rod believes that other countries like China should be banned from buying both America’s agricultural land and land around military bases.


As a firm believer in religious freedom, Rod will vigorously protect the rights of all Utahns and Americans to practice their faith without fear of discrimination. He will also champion free speech on college campuses and oppose any attempts to suppress differing viewpoints, thereby promoting open and respectful discourse.


Rod Bird Jr. is committed to bolstering Utah’s economy and ensuring financial security for all. He’ll focus on:


Rod recognizes the stifling impact of excessive regulations on businesses and innovation. He will lead efforts to overhaul the federal regulatory code and introduce legislation to ensure that regulations promote safety without stifling economic growth. By applying a regulatory budget “two-for-one” rule, Rod aims to eliminate at least two outdated regulations for every new one introduced, fostering a more business-friendly environment. Rod will also ensure that the economic impact of the two eliminated regulations outweighs the economic impact of the new regulation. Finally, Rod supports the REINS Act, which would prevent any president and his bureaucrats from tying up the economy with red tape.


Rod supports making the Trump tax cuts permanent to stimulate economic growth and increase investment in the United States to incentivize the reshoring of our critical supply chains. He also advocates simplifying the tax code, making it fairer and more straightforward for working Americans, seniors on a fixed income, and businesses. He aims to create a tax system that encourages investments, job creation, and economic stability. Rod will also introduce a tax reform law to ensure that businesses owned or controlled by hostile foreign powers do not qualify for billions of dollars in tax credits and other incentives. This will ensure companies like Gotion, with its close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, don’t receive tax credits and incentives ultimately funded by the American taxpayers.


Small businesses will benefit from tax reform, regulatory relief, and more competition in medical care and medical insurance. The next Congress and president must prioritize American energy production so that producers can bring more reliable and affordable energy online to help keep small businesses competitive. Government contracting should also be streamlined and simplified making it easier for small businesses to compete. Rod will advocate for Congress to explore the implementation of an idea pioneered in Utah by creating a federal regulatory sandbox allowing innovative businesses to develop new products and services without being bogged down by red tape.


Rod believes it is disgraceful that Washington’s out-of-control spending has resulted in America’s credit rating being cut by Fitch Ratings. Rod is committed to identifying and eliminating wasteful government spending. Rod believes the best way to reduce wasteful spending is to roll back discretionary federal spending to pre-Covid levels, freeze spending at those levels for a year, and then hold spending growth below inflation rates. He will advocate for legislation to increase budget transparency. Rod will also advocate for Congress to engage in a meaningful, deliberate budgeting process instead of flitting from mini-crisis to mini-crisis under threat of government shutdown. 


Rod Bird Jr. is dedicated to keeping America safe and strong on the world stage. He’ll support our veterans and focus on:


Rod believes it is despicable that President Biden has turned over operational control of our southern border to drug cartels, who engage in human trafficking at unprecedented levels. Rod believes in comprehensive border security measures, including walls or physical barriers, where necessary. He believes in reintroducing President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy for those seeking asylum. He would provide our border patrol with state-of-the-art technology and training to safeguard our citizens and maintain the integrity of our borders. Finally, in light of millions of people being trafficked across our border and over 100,000 drug overdose deaths in America per year, Rod believes that our next president should consider designating drug cartels operating on our southern border as terrorist organizations.


Rod recognizes that aside from our national debt, China is the #1 threat to America’s safety and freedom. The Chinese Communist Party’s actions on the global stage must be countered with strength. He is committed to holding China accountable for unfair trade practices, intellectual property theft, and rampant human rights violations. He will support our allies and work to ensure a united front in addressing these concerns, while pursuing fair and mutually beneficial trade agreements. Rod believes that Chinese companies guilty of using stolen American technology and intellectual property should be blocked from engaging in business in the United States. If China will not engage in fair trade, then Rod supports moving our trade relations to less hostile countries.


Rod knows our military deserves proper leadership, respect, and support from Congress. As Utah’s senator he will ensure vital and proper funding for military bases like Hill Air Force Base. Rod will also prioritize funding to protect America from cyber threats and EMP attacks. He supports legislation to prevent hostile foreign powers from buying land around our military bases. 


Rod believes in peace through strength, but emphasizes the importance of a careful and precise approach to foreign conflicts. He advocates for congressional approval before committing troops to overseas conflicts. Rod recognizes that the #1 threat to America is China in the Pacific. Rod aims to bring our brave men and women home from prolonged engagements in the Middle East and refocus resources on strengthening our nation.


Rod recognizes the significant debt of gratitude we owe to our veterans. He is determined to improve the VA system to ensure veterans receive the quality care they deserve. Rod proposes members of Congress receive the same medical benefits as those in the VA system, so Congress is treated no better than those who sacrificed so much for the United States. This will help ensure Congress continually works to improve VA healthcare and honors our veterans.


Rod Bird Jr. knows the importance of education for our future. He’s committed to:


Rod supports abolishing the Federal Department of Education. Rod believes in returning power to the states and funding local school systems without federal strings attached. He believes we need less bureaucracy in our education with dollars prioritized to classroom instruction. Rod believes parents are best equipped to decide what school is right for their children. He envisions a system where parents have a say in what education looks like for their children, and teachers have the flexibility, support, and resources needed to prepare students for a competitive job market.


Recognizing that four-year universities aren’t suitable for everyone, Rod supports expanding alternative educational paths, such as technical schools and junior colleges, and gearing high schools to prepare students for a variety of careers, not just a four-year university. These institutions can provide valuable job skills and reduce the financial burden of higher education.


Rod Bird Jr. understands the critical importance of accessible, affordable, free-market healthcare. He’s committed to:


Rod believes in empowering individuals to take control of their healthcare decisions. He supports expanding healthcare savings accounts (HSAs), FSAs, QSEHRAs, and more solutions that allow individuals and families to set aside pre-tax dollars for medical expenses. Rod will also demand greater price transparency for medical costs, and supports allowing Americans to shop for care outside their plans. By promoting these options, Rod aims to give Americans more flexibility and control over their healthcare choices, ultimately reducing costs and increasing access to quality care.


Rod recognizes the rising cost of medications burdens American families. He plans to open up the free market by taking on pharmaceutical and other healthcare related monopolies to increase competition. Lowering medication and hospital care costs will ensure that life-saving treatments are affordable and accessible. Americans should NOT be paying more for the same prescriptions and medications than citizens in other countries. It’s time we get a fair deal.


Rod believes in a patient-centered approach to healthcare. He is committed to eliminating the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and replacing it with a more efficient, market-driven healthcare system. Rod aims to increase choice and competition in the healthcare market, allowing individuals and families to select the coverage that best suits their needs.


Rod understands rural communities’ unique challenges in accessing quality healthcare. He will work with local and state leaders to advocate for increased support in rural healthcare infrastructure, including clinics and telemedicine services, along with increased pathways for physicians to work in rural medicine. These investments will ensure that all Utahns, regardless of where they live, have access to the healthcare they need.


Rod recognizes the importance of mental health and well-being. He will prioritize mental health insurance reforms, and work to improve access to mental healthcare services. By reducing stigma and collaboratively working with national and state leaders to find solutions for mental health support, Rod aims to address the mental health crisis in our communities.